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Nana Miyashita

​born in 2001, 19years old


Launched own fashion brand "aNANA tih sayim" while student of 17 years old.

Actively based in Tokyo, Japan.

I designe my brand “aNANA tih sayim”

and Providing costumes for magazines and music videos,

and appearing on TV.


aNANA tih sayim


Focus on fantasy, wear the delicately emotion.

While wandering between the adult and the girl, a little bad girl,

fuzzy emotion, lazy mood, ephemeral dreamy, the soliloquy and delusions of dangerous girl,

put on a slightly poisoned monologue.








・NHK "Watanabe Naomi no Naomeets ~New Year 2 Hour Special~" / TV appearance

・TBS "Bessatsu Asahi Journal" / TV appearance

・Nippon TV "Maruta Tyoujya ~Make big money with innovative ideas~" / TV appearance

・Kanto TV "Welcome! Foreign crew The Location Japan" / TV appearance

・TV TOKYO "Premier MelodiX" / Costume provider


・"BOB" January 2020 / Costume provider

・"IVY MAGAZINE" Costume provider / Actress "Miya Cech" Wearing

・"DWL Magazine"  Main visual / Costume provider

・"SNIP STYLE" February 2019 / Costume provider

・"HAIR MODE" January 2019 / Costume provider

・"JK no Hontou" / Published


・Japanese singer Seiko Oomori "JUSTadICE" / Costume provider


・"DWL Magazine" -Amazing 18-year-old designer, Nana Miyashita-

・"Minami Shinshu Newspaper" -Active as a designer-

・"Asahi Junior and Senior High School Newspaper"  -Gorgeous dress production from logs-


・Produced a "LOG DRESS" for a TV project.

・Made-to-order costume design and production


・"bon BRICOLAGE" KIMONO Bag / Industry-academia collaboration project


・LOG DRESS exhibition in Shinnjyuku Marui, Tokyo, Japan

・Movie "Vivienne Westwood ~The strongest elegance~" 19AW Look Exhibition

in Movie theater Tokyo, Japan


・New York Fashion Week(Official Runway)  Scheduled to announce 20AW

Scheduled to announce 20AW in Tokyo(VANTAN STUDENT FINAL 2020)

・Asia Fashion Collection 7th TOKYO STAGE(Canceled due to typhoon)


・Asia Fashion Collection 6th TOKYO STAGE


・Asia Fashion Collection 7th / Grand Prix 

・Asia Fashion Collection 6th / Jury Prize

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